Activities for those with Alzheimer’s Disease

Having successful activities for those with Alzheimer’s help support a person’s sense of self, by bringing out his/her skills, memories and habits – while minimizing skills that may be compromised due to the disease. Former hobbies or interests of the person such as gardening, cooking, painting or singing may be a good choice.
Routine is essential: Activities that are done regularly, even at the same time every day if possible, may help establish a routine and increase the person’s sense of stability. The caregiver should set up and the draw the person into action rather than asking if the person would like to engage in a particular activity.
The following are structured activity ideas that can involve and interest the person with Alzheimer’s, helping to reduce disturbing behaviors associated with the disease such as agitation, anger, frustration, depression, wandering or rummaging.
•    Walk (indoors or outside)
•    Chair exercises
•    Stretch (in bed, if necessary)
•    Hand dance
•    Listen to the person’s favorite music. Use live music, tapes or CDs; radio programs, interrupted by too many commercials, can cause confusion.
•    Link music with other reminiscence activities, use photographs to help stir memories.
•    Listen to books on tape.
•    Watch television/movies.
•    Look at picture books without words, especially of nature.
•    Gentle hand or foot massage or nail polishing.
•    Sniff perfume, soap, spices, etc.
•    Work on basic art projects.
Help the person begin the activity. If the person is painting, you may need to start the brush movement. Most other projects should only require basic instruction and assistance. Remember, the person doesn’t need to finish in one sitting and the artwork is complete when the person says it is.
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