Activities For Your Loved One

As our loved one’s age, it can be difficult for them to travel or participate in certain events. Here are some activities that are easy and enjoyable to share with your loved ones.
1. Exercise – Being physically active is one of the best activities someone in their later years can do. Exercise (along with diet) serves as the foundation for a healthy body and mind and should always be a priority even in a senior’s later years!
2. Puzzles or Board Games – As you age, it’s normal to experience some level of cognitive decline including processing speeds or education in attention span, which males it important to actively engage in various types of mentally stimulating activities to help keep sharp.
3. Arts and Crafts – Creating art, whether it be in the form of paintings, sculptures, jewelry or even knitting can be a great activity as it allows for creativity and stimulation of the senses including sight, touch and sound.
4. Visit a Pet Shop – Many studies have shown that animals like cats and dogs can help induce calmness, relaxation and feelings of well-being for seniors. It can also reduce anxiety and depression.
5. Movie Night – Movie nights can be a great way to bring family and friends together to enjoy a classic film and entertainment for a couple hours. They provide the opportunity to have discussion before and after the movie to build excitement and “recap” parts of the film everyone enjoyed which is mentally stimulating.

Help at Home can provide around the clock care for your senior loved ones by providing a stable, positive environment for seniors living with Alzheimer’s, helping them to stay active, social, and stay healthy.

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