Dementia Behavioral Treatment Without Drugs

While dementia mainly affects the memory and cognition of a person, it also shows symptoms of psychological and behavioral issues as well. Things like agitation, sleeping issues, wandering and even violence can become a problem for the loved ones and their family.
Treatment for these symptoms have mainly been with anti-psychotic drugs but has received a lot of criticism with the FDA’s warning of increased risk of death. There’s an alternative.
A lot of these symptoms can be treated without medication. Different types of therapy, such as reminiscence, music, and art therapy have been proven to help. Aromatherapy and even pet therapy are also among the different types of treatment now being used.
Use of person-centered treatment without drugs has been issued by the Alzheimer’s Association as a new recommendation for people with dementia.* This type of treatment has been aimed at assisted-living facilities, nursing homes and other types of long-term care facilities. The care delivers optimal and quality person-centered care.
Dr. Zimmerman, a professor, and gerontologist at the University of North Carolina suggested that the psychological and behavioral symptoms that are accompanied by dementia and Alzheimer’s, are not just an instance of the affected brain. Many of the symptoms can be from the environment. Such as in previous posts and blogs, we talked about when you loved one is bored or taken out of their comfort zone. For example, things that could be happening too quickly can be frightening, or too much stimulation such as noise and lights – this can also lead to anxiety and agitation symptoms.
Massage treatment has shown positive results in the immediate and short-term. Although being touched may cause agitation, this type of therapy depends on the person.
By implementing non-drug treatment, can help the person with dementia have a better quality of life for your loved one and their caregivers.
In the end, everyone is different, as each treatment will affect everyone differently. Although most of the non-drug interventions and treatments have little downside, many of these findings have been based on evidence.
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(Gurnon, 2018)

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