How to Handle Personality Changes in Seniors

When talking to family members of an Alzheimer’s or Dementia client, one of the things we hear most often at Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, LLC ( is that they feel like they are dealing with a stranger and often children of those affected by parents with Alzheimer’s or Dementia feel that their parent is no longer the comforting presence they have always known.

The once calm, kind, gentle family member can now be aggressive, moody and belligerent.  Your once energetic, on the go family member can become lethargic, sitting and staring out the window all day.  It’s  important to remember that it is OK to mourn the losses associated with changes in your loved one’s mood, personality and abilities due to Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

Be patient, remember they are not giving you a hard time on purpose, they are having a hard time dealing with their own sense of loss and anger and confusion on who they have become and not knowing themselves or others anymore.

If your loved one is having a hard time, it’s sometimes best to try to redirect the person.

Changes in a loved one’s personality can be stressful for all and we at Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, LLC are here for you.  We give compassionate care for caregivers, family members and those with Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

You can also take some steps to help both you and our loved one:

1. Really listen to his/her concerns. For example, stop cleaning the house or driving or preparing a meal and sit down, make eye contact, and really listen.
2. Ask your family member what he/she needs and work with him/her to come close to meeting their needs.
3. If your older relative is no longer able to do something that he or she wants to do, help them find alternatives.
4. Set some healthy limits for yourself. Tell your family member what you can and cannot do based on your skills and your other time, work, and family commitments.
5. Talk to siblings and other family members and ask for their help.
6. Set up a Job Jar or “To Do” list. Talk to your older relative and ask him/her to make a list of things that need to be done.
7. Ask for help from other family members, church volunteers, neighbors, or other people who have offered to help. Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, LLC is here for you and please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.

Educating yourself about Alzheimer’s & Dementia is beneficial to you and will help you understand what your loved one is going through and will enable you to cope with stress that you may be feeling.  Please feel free to contact Alzheimer’s & Dementia LLC with any questions you may have about Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia LLC caregivers help our patients by:

  • Helping maintain independence and self-sufficiency
  • Safety:  removing obstacles to prevent falls,  checking smoke alarms, checking water temperature;
  • Knowledge of illness or disability
  • Reinforcing a sense of productivity and involvement
  • Helping make choices to determine the course of his/her own life
  • Being supportive
  • Bringing a positive attitude

We are committed to helping you and your family through all of the stages of Alzheimer’s.  Contact us today on how we can help you!  Phone:  203-520-0116.   Email: and please check out our website at:

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