Ways for Family Members to Help Those With Alzheimer’s

Has a family member or someone you love recently been affected by serious memory issues or given a diagnoses with Alzheimer’s & Dementia?  If so, you can help them live as normal a life as possible by helping them to stay active, eat well and keeping up their everyday routines.

If your family member affected by Alzheimer’s is your spouse, your spouse may be feeling a sense of loss and or loneliness.  You can continue to participate in as many activities as you can with your spouse, find new activities, talk about future needs such as Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, LLC caregiver services provided.  You may also want to attend early-stage/care-giver support groups.

If there are children or grandchildren in your family, they may feel afraid that they will get the disease.  Talk openly with the children, notify school and social workers if you feel they are having a lot of emotional distress about the diagnosis of their loved one.

Friends, co-workers and neighbors may not fully understand what is happening to your loved one so it’s best to notify them and let them know their help and support is appreciated through this difficult time.

It’s important to show your loved one a lot of support, hugs and love and that they know you are here for them.  Be honest, listen to them, focus on the positive aspects in life, do activities together and get out there and join in on some of the programs and services in local area for Alzheimer’s & Dementia patients.

Providing support to your loved one is an ongoing and emotional process. You may even feel overwhelmed, stressed, angry, fear and denial that this is even happening to your love done.  Build a support network, connect with others who are going through the same thing as you are and most importantly ask for and accept help!

Alzheimer’s & Dementia, LLC is here for you and your family to talk about what is going on in the affected person’s life, how you can help them and what are the next steps to take and also how we can help you with everything you’re going through as a family.  Contact us today on how we can help you!

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