Why Care Management Is Important

When a parent needs more help that their adult children can give them, a Care Manager may be able to help. They can help recognize the unique needs of each client and family, and offer professional care management services. They will also spend the time to understand you and your family’s needs, and develop a care plan that meets your goals.
Services of a care management can also include:
  • Full care management planning.
  • Experienced nursing oversight with regard to coordination of all medical care.
  • Specialty in geriatric, psychiatric and developmental disabilities.
  • Skilled nursing oversight for those with acute and chronic medical challenges.
  • Care coordination within a multidisciplinary care model including coordination with physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work and all therapies involved in the care process.
  • Supervision, recruitment, perform interview  back ground and reference checks on all employees the client or family wishes to hire.

An in-person evaluation is often needed to assess the needs of each case.

General Assessment
A Care Manager will provide a comprehensive evaluation which can include an assessment of the patient’s mental status, memory, systems assessment, activity tolerance, home environment, diagnoses and related medications.
Explore Living Options
Moving is a very complex and stressful undertaking for anybody.  When a family member cannot live alone anymore, they can be faced with other challenges, including stress that becomes paramount.  A Care Manager will have an in depth knowledge of senior living options, and can be an informed and objective guide through this process.
Home Safety Evaluation
A Care Manager will assess home environments for safety and make appropriate recommendations with practical solutions to problems in order to maximize home safety.
Medication Management
Care Managers recognize that accurate medication management is paramount in maintaining one’s health.  They will work with medical professionals to confirm the correct medication regime and oversee medications and/or medication box prefills.  They can also interface with doctors and pharmacists on an ongoing basis in order to be assured that medication changes are implemented correctly and that refills are called in and delivered in a timely manner.
Ongoing Care Management
A Care Management company will continue to provide ongoing visits for clients who desire periodic intervention in order to provide ongoing assessments of the status of clients.
At Help at Home/Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, LLC, our goal is to help develop an in depth understanding of the client’s needs and address changes in behavior before acute problems arise – whether it’s through personal care, home health care, live-in companions, or care management – you can count on us to provide solutions for you and your family.
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care / Help at Home, LLC is proud to be a top rated in home care provider in Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County, Manhattan and beyond.  Our clients are our family and we treat everyone with compassion and care.  Contact us today to see how we can help you and your loved ones.
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