Client Testimonials


“(MaryAnn is) beautiful inside and out. You have a heart of gold and your clients benefit from that enormously with your fierce dedication and commitment to the very best care and treatment plans.” – Kate Mattox


“Hi MaryAnn, I want you to know that you sent me the BEST caregiver. Robin is a 5 Star caregiver. She not only met my personal needs with caring, she kept the beach house clean and laundry done. I never really had to ask her to do something because we both got into a routine. She was a great companion as well and it will be very hard for me to find a caregiver to fill her shoes. Thank you so much for making my stay in CT extra special.” – Sandy Murphy

Without a doubt the best

“We have had many aides from different agencies come and go in the past few years. Your home care services are without a doubt the best. Actually your services are great. Voncel, our certified nurse’s aide should really be cloned. She treated my mom with respect and dignity. Von is by far the best certified aide ever.

I have recommended Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care LLC to some people in Heritage Village with ailing and elderly parents. I will continue to do so. It’s tough to watch a parent decline. I don’t know where we are going from here but should we need an agency I will most definitely contact you again. Thank you.” – Cynthia


“Kudos to MaryAnn for her knowledgable and caring provision of quality home care services to the elderly and the disabled.” – Linnea Levine


“MaryAnn and her staff were wonderful with my father after his surgery. They were caring, patient and compassionate. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found them!” – Jennifer W.


“Wonderful company who delivered my Mom the most compassionate and professional care available during her time of need. Her aide was amazing and even helped Mom on her recent trip to Aruba. Very trustworthy company and owner!” – Mark Lavin


“I have been very satisfied with the services of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. Luke comes to us through this company and he is awesome. He is very tidy, focused on my dad’s needs, cooks well, and has loads and loads of patience. Sometimes my father can be a bit off-putting and sometimes downright rude. Luke manages this with a smile and eventually dad turns around and says, ‘Oh, I wasn’t nice to you Luke… are the best.'” – Emily O’Connor

Luke makes dad’s meals and always leaves the kitchen very tidy and clean. He washes dad’s clothes, bedclothes, makes his bed and does light housework. He frequently offers to lend a hand when I am doing projects around the house.

When Luke has taken a a few day off, this company provides other top-notch employees as substitutes. We are so fortunate to have met Mary Ann Ciambriello of Help at Home through one of her other clients. We are also very happy to have Luke here with us…..he is nearly part of the family and makes things run smoothly in our home.


“Just wanted to rave about MaryAnn Montelli Cambriello and her staff. They took amazing care of my parents this week after my father’s surgery. They were incredibly responsible. I can’t say enough good things. Thank you again MaryAnn! – Jen Weinstein


“Hi MaryAnn, Been meaning to drop you a note for a while now just to let you know how much I really, really like Kate!! Didn’t think I’d ever been lucky enough to have someone so exceptional. She is SO good for Dad, and I am SO thankful to have her in our family! She is awesome!!” – Happy Client


“MaryAnn, Thank you and your staff for the care you gave my dad. We (the whole family) really appreciate it. I will certainly spread the word as I hear of people in need. Congratulations on your 2016 ranking!! Thanks again.” –
Chris Clark


“Thank you, MaryAnn…we have been blessed to have such great caregivers from your company… (Caregiving is) never easy but your help has made it manageable.” – Mary Beth Fessler


“This morning, I had the pleasure of hearing my friend, MaryAnn, speak about what she loved to do. MaryAnn is the owner of “Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care” and “Help at Home.” An RN for more than 30 years, she now manages a business that caters to white glove service for those that need help at home to care for loved ones.

She had 4 tips that I thought I would share with you all:

Don’t argue! If your loved one thinks you are Aunt Ethel – go with it. It’s their reality for that moment. Better to move on with the day than to spend it arguing

Only give 2 choices! Whether it’s a meal, getting dressed or a bath – only give 2 choices. They will get lost in the rest of the options

For wanderers: If you fear your loved one will wander out an open door – place a black bath mat in front of it. It gives the illusion of a hole and will often, make them not go any further.

For appetite issues: If your loved one has a decreased appetite – try serving a meal on a red plate. Studies show it increases the appetite up to 25%!

I thought these tips were a great way to help manage those we love that are suffering from memory issues.” – Lisa Moriello


“(Our Caregiver) was amazing! Kept Me-Ma safe while maintaining her dignity. We are forever grateful. Thank you!!! – Rafel Sgammato


“I can’t say enough good things about Mary Ann and her company.  I have spent many years in the Care Management field and have worked with numerous home care agencies. Mary Ann’s is unique because of her special qualities.  She consistently goes above and beyond the standards of care and treats each client and their families like her own.  Her caring, compassionate nature shines each time she and her tremendous staff have worked with my clients.  Both myself, my staff and my clients are very, very happy that Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care/Help at Home is here to help.” – Sheila O’Brien, RN, BSN, CMC, Director of Care Management, O’Brien Care Management Services, LLC


“I am writing this letter of recommendation for MaryAnn Ciambriello and Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care and her Home Care company. I have had the pleasure of working with MaryAnn for over 2 years in referring home care clients to her company, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, LLC. As a Paralegal working with Elder Care Attorneys, I am frequently faced with situations where clients are in immediate need of in-home care for their loved ones. These are crisis situations where a husband, wife, mom, or dad is being discharged from a hospital or nursing facility and requires 24/7 in-home medical care. This type of situation is challenging in a multitude of ways. The family members are searching for a reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, knowledgeable, competent, and understanding caregiver agency. They are essentially looking for an individual to come into their home or that of their loved one, and become an integral part of the family by caring for their mom or dad, husband or wife while they are at work or themselves unable to fully look after their family member. In this type of situation, trust and competency are essential as one can imagine.

In each instance where I have referred a family to MaryAnn’s company for in-home care, MaryAnn and her staff have demonstrated all of the qualities described above. When she receives a prospective new client, MaryAnn proceeds to make an evaluation of both the client’s and family’s needs, medical, financial and psychological, based on a visit to the client and in a meeting with the family members. Once this is done, she matches one of her staff members to the family based on her assessment of which staffer she feels will best work with the client and family.

Throughout my working relationship with MaryAnn, I have always received high praise and thanks from family members who have retained her services. These families are highly impressed with the open line of communication she maintains with them about the care her staff provides and any additional needs her staff can provide to the family. MaryAnn makes herself available to the family on a 24/7 basis in the event emergencies or other situations may arise that require her immediate attention.

I would wholeheartedly recommend MaryAnn Ciambriello and her company, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, LLC. In my opinion, her knowledge of elder care issues, her experience as a registered nurse, the pride she takes in serving her clients and the caliber of her business would be a distinct asset to any client in need of her services and skills.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.” – Constance Onofrio-Saccone, Paralegal, Law Offices of Splan & Tvrna, LLC

Hard Working, Dedicated, Compassionate

“Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care/Help at Home has provided round-the-clock care to my mother since August 21, 2015. She suffers from Parkinson’s disease and is in the late stage of the disease with over 95% of her time in a wheelchair or in bed. My sisters and I have been thoroughly satisfied with the care provided to my mother by the full-time aide. She is hardworking, dedicated and compassionate to my Mother. She treats her with dignity and respect. She cares for my mother and the household and does both beautifully. My Mother is very comfortable with her. MaryAnn is responsive to client needs, knows what is going on at all times and treats her patients and their families with great compassion and care. ” – DW