How to Best Care for Your Aging Parent

Many caregivers are grown children taking care of their own parent—and in some cases—parents. This is a complicated process—not only through the demanding schedule of caregiving, but also emotionally fraught as you see the people who raised you gradually mentally decline. Often times, this leaves adult children with their hands in the air, wondering if they are making the right choices and how to proceed.


The truth of the matter is—no one is an experienced caregiver unless they are presented with a loved one who needs help, so it’s common to feel in the dark and up in the air about the decisions you’re making. Here are some top tips for how to best care for an aging parent in an attempt to shed some light on good practices for you both.


Talk to family members about helping on a regular or semi-regular basis. If you have siblings, dividing the care between you is a valuable step, as it can alleviate the burden and responsibility of feeling like you have to do it alone. If you are an only child, reach out to cousins or other extended family who may be able to come in briefly for so many hours a week or month so you can take some time for yourself. Again, you can’t do it alone, so seeking out help from family first is a logical first step.


Look into adult day programs for your aging parent. While you may not have the means to have them enrolled every day all day—one or two days a week could really go a long way towards preserving some of your routine and regular schedule. This can facilitate rest for you and stimulation for your parent, as many of these adult day programs are filled with activities to help them stay engaged and connected with others and the world around them.


Hire in-home caregiving help and assistance. Yes, this involves a financial investment, but if it’s possible for you and your parent, having someone come into the home for so many hours a week can really make the difference. Of course, you want to find the best quality care you can get, so make sure you do your due diligence first.


All in all, remember that you have resources available to you so you don’t feel like you are all alone in this process. Following these tips will help both you and your aging parent as you tackle this process together.



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