Memory Care? Try Memory Café!

The term “memory care” is well known amongst the medical community. With more and more people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, facilities and programs are opening nationwide to help alleviate this epidemic. Whether it’s hiring high-quality at-home care or looking into overnight options for our loved ones, it’s clear that this is an industry that is on the rise.


But with all of that said, have you heard the term “memory café”? Usually, when we think of cafes, we think of trendy spots where people work on their laptops or read from books while sipping expensive coffee drinks. However, combining memory care with the café concept has caught on—at least in San Antonio, Texas, where you can see for yourself how the two might go together.


Such cafes have actually been in existence in Europe for quite some time. Dr. Carole White of UT Health San Antonio claims, “We bring people living with dementia a place where they can meet and socialize with people on the same journey as they are. We try to bring activities that will stimulate memory. We have music activities, art activities. We had an improve person last month.”


Nearly 3.8 million people are suffering from dementia in the United States and that number is only expected to rise. Considering the genetic components of the affliction, it will only propagate as families get older and age. Integrating board games, singing songs and even drinking coffee within the confines of a café-like environment allows patients to feel comfortable and at ease—often times when the disease itself can make them anxious, agitated and afraid.


In San Antonio, the memory café incorporates old songs and activities to jog people’s happy memories so they can comfortably reminisce and talk about the past. More than likely, other such cafes will start popping up around the U.S., making for an alternative spot to take your loved one suffering from memory decline.



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